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About me

I'm Michelle, from the always-rainy Netherlands. The photo above is quite old already, but I love it because of the beautiful spring colours! 
I love fashion, shopping, photography, travelling & reading. Oh wait, don't forget about my massive love for Asia & kpop! I like being creative, and creating new things (Mostly in my mind, day dreaming...). 
You'll always find me being active and busy with something. (Okay okay, I'm kidding. I'm really lazy. Take the laziest person you know, and I'm more lazy, honestly.) In my mind I'm always busy with cool stuff and awesome things though, does that count haha? 

The blog
This blog was born on October 12th, 2012. I will post about my life, my style and also about fashion. I'm going to post photos I've taken myself, mainly. I love blogging, and I'm SO thankfull for all the lovely comments and follows I've gotten so far! 

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  1. Cool post, I think we all have our lazy days. I like your photos. Have a great weekend!